Facials & Skin Therapy

the LUXE Signature Facial

This Signature facial is highly requested are customizable to each client’s specific for every skin type to ensure maximum results. Combining innovative techniques and powerful products .
The treatment is designed to revitalize aging skin, minimize pores and soothing acne skin.

Member $75+
Non-member $90+

RENEWAL Dermal Facial

This facial removes dead skin cells enhancing product absorption helping cell turn over in order to stimulate collagen production. This is generally booked with a choice of additional treatments such as a chemical peel, a deluxe or jelly mask, an enzymatic treatment, or a PCA or IMAGE Oxygen O2 treatment.  Our dermal facial also works great in conjunction with our aqua facial.  In order to enhance and maximize the effectiveness of your dermal facial please select one of our add-ons.

Member $70+
Non-member $80+

CBD Facial

Exclusive treatment specially formulated pure active ingredients provide protection at the cellular level against oxidative stress. Its unique blend plant is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.
This facial promotes rebalance, reset, and relax.

Member $80+
Non-member $90+


Helps with normal Acne and breakouts from wearing facial masks.  This facial will be customized for your specific needs.


Member $80+
Non-member $95+


Imagine releasing fresh, healthy skin hidden below layers of older skin cells with a process that’s both gentle and invigorating. Using oxygen and peptides specially concentrated enzymatic delivers with immediate results.
It’s the latest advancement treatment in non-laser, non-invasive skin resurfacing.

Member $110+
Non-member $130+

PROCELL Therapies

Procell therapy is an advanced bio-technology Micro-channeling system that uses STEM CELLS to treat and transform the look and feel of damaged skin resulting in smoother and healthier looking skin.  During the treatment, very small micro-needles penetrate the epidermis of your skin creating small, micro-injuries. These micro-injuries initiate a natural healing response, which leads to the creation of new collagen.
Over the course of several treatments, this repetitive healing process can create a new layer of collagen that can improve the overall appearance of your skin.
This service is usually booked with an ADD ON such as an enzymatic treatment or a PCA/Image Oxygen O2 treatment.  This takes advantage of your skin being most receptive to enhanced treatments for a short period after the Procell treatment and maximizes its effectiveness.
Member $160+
Non-member $185+

Xpress Facial

Quick lunch time facial for that person on the go or for routine maintenance



Member $55+
Non-member $65+

The “Sensi” Peel

Chemical peel for people with sensitive skin.  We recommend this facial if you’ve never had a chemical peel before. or it has been a long time since you’ve had one.


Member $90+
Non-member $110+

Advanced Resurfacing
Facial Peel


                      Customized chemical peel for your specific needs.


Member $110+
Non-member $130+



Member $40 / Non-member $50

Chemical Peel

Member $70+ / Non-member $80+


Member $15 / Non-member $20